I am currently doing some long overdue remodeling on the house that I live in. It’s a really old house that is in a family trust. I’m not sure when they started building it, but it was finished in 1917. It had a big makeover in the 50’s and some minor renovations through the years, so it has been way overdue. It’s been in my family for around 54 years.

I must give credit here to my lovely bride, Stacy. Not only was she strategic in getting me to do the work on the house that was needed, but she inspired in me a new drive to achieve more and better. She renewed in me a sense of hope and confidence that WE were going to do great things together. Plus that, she’s a darn good job boss!

If any of you have tackled a remodeling job, you know it is an arduous process. It would be great to have the money to be able to hire out the work, but in our economy, it just isn’t possible for us.

Each room that is picked for remodeling is different and has different needs. Some of those needs are minor, with only painting required or some major cleanup and some sprucing. Some have to have flooring done, which sometimes leads to discoveries that sub floors have problems and turns into a major project. Some rooms have to be pretty much stripped of everything and completely redone.

I discovered long ago that if I thought something would take 3 hours, I had better allow 6 hours (or more) to have it completed. This can be compounded if a person has a touch of adult A.D.D.. Don’t ask how I know! Have you see Quantico yet?

I don’t know a lot about home construction, but since I wasn’t wise enough to pick and study for a career early in life, I know “a little about a lot” of it, having had to make a living doing assorted things to make a living. Though I deeply regret my lack of wisdom, especially in my early years, it comes in quite handy in this situation. I should also give credit to my step-father Archie who had us helping to do some things to this same house many years ago. I think about him often when I am working on it now, remembering the sweat and toil that we put into closing in porches and such, and me wanting to do the cool things, but not necessarily ALL things. My bio-dad also helped me the last time I did some remodeling. 

We’ve been working on it for several months now, and the whole process is bittersweet and difficult. It’s sometimes easy to get the big stuff tackled that really makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something, and for me, even easier to move on to the next big thing, leaving the little things that mark finality and are the finishing touches that bring it all together. 

Going back to my prior statement of how some rooms have to be stripped of the bad stuff so that good stuff can be installed. I have realized while I was working on this project how similar it is to our lives. 

Sometimes we need some remodeling in our own lives. It’s sometimes easy to know that we need changes, but we walk right past them, like walking past that bad paneling for years and years, or that door that needs fixing. We grow accustom to our own flaws and somehow disregard the changes that need to be made. 

Some of the changes are minor, and somewhat superficial, but some of them are major, requiring that we painfully tear out the old things so that we can usher in the new. This requires self examination and honesty with ourselves, and it often requires tearing out much more than than we thought, much like remodeling a house. It involves many mistakes, and dealing with those mistakes. 

Yes, I have been working on some personal remodeling as well. It is slow going, as is remodeling this 99 year old house. I know that not everyone will like the differences in both remodel jobs, but I think the changes are good for me at this time in my life. 

I’ve had to recognize many mistakes that I’ve made, and do my best to deal with those mistakes. I’ve had to strip bad habits from my life of many varieties, and replace them with better habits. I’ve had to re-enforce weak areas of my life that I’ve walked by and ignored for years. 

It hasn’t always been fun, but more often like hard work. It is not easy to be my age and develope traits that I should have established long ago. 

I’ve had a lot of help…both on the house, and my life from my beautiful bride Stacy. I’ve seen her exhibit so much perseverance and love in both jobs. I couldn’t or wouldn’t have done it without her. We’ve faced construction obstacles on both jobs, and sometimes had to start all over. 

I have no doubts that both jobs will be well worth the work that has been invested. This remodeling thing is going to come out great!